Blue White Group has been giving its professional contribution to the jewellery and precious stone business for many years. Thanks to its serious and positive attitude it has become a real point of reference, satisfying its customers’ need for elegance, preciousness and innovation. Customers who now more than ever, demand superior quality products combined to the strong emotions that only a great piece of jewellery can transmit. This is how the idea of a three-brand group was created. Three brands which represent the Italian taste, style and sense of beauty, all in one corporate brand. Three brands based on the same principles of care and manufacturing expertise, which perfectly express and highlight the sophisticated and original allure of “Made in Italy” products.

Blue White Diamonds is an historical company that has been working in the diamond import business for the last 40 years. The company operates with all the most important diamond markets in the world, from Tel Aviv, to Antwerp to New York and Mumbai. A dynamic company with great experience and expertise, capable of satisfying any demand thanks to its wide assortment of diamonds of any carat, colour and pureness (IGI, HRG, GIA certified diamonds starting from 30 points up to and parcel of loose stones starting from 300/ct up).

JJewels Milano is young and refined jewellery brand with a sophisticated and rich look, freely inspired by classical lines and shapes. Timeless jewels that never go out of style. Where beauty and elegance find their ideal match, where even the most demanding women can feel finally satisfied.

Duepunti Milano small diamonds dressed up with innovative materials that give life to a new unconventional concept. Pastel colours and certified diamonds for a fresh, contemporary look. Young, daring women, free from any ready-made scheme, that love to surprise and be surprised, without forgetting elegance.

Leaderline is a historic Italian jewellery brand, member of the wide Blue White Group family, that has been featured with a completely new look in the world of trendy micro-jewellery. The innovative design of Leaderline blends with the goldsmith tradition and impeccable quality typical of Blue White Group.